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For Marriage obstacles:

Vaaranam Aayiram

Chant this sloga for 48 days and light a ghee lamp in pooja room

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Every problem has a solution; it only lies with the way in which we approach the problem.
-Ashvath Shanker

Born in tradition filled middle class family in Nellai district of Tamilnadu, Shanker had spent more than two decades of his lifetime in researching various cults and practices.

Though astrology was a common practice in the family, Shankerji wanted to learn more intricacies in astrology, after a long search he met Shri Venkata Subramaniya Iyer of Ettaiapuram and took him as his guru and learnt all ins and outs of traditional astrology.

After learning traditional Astrology he was always thinking about problems which was common and didn't have any strong solutions, this made him to study further on this.

At this juncture he met Shri Mystic Selvam a renowned writer and researcher. Along with him he visited many temples, sadhus, sidhars and jeevasamadis. He spent most of his time at Tanjavur Saraswathi Mahal and Kerala University in studying about various religious practices.

In this process he started giving solutions to many problems for his friends and family members, the results were astonishing, which gave him the confidence in spreading this practice to others. This made him to write articles in major dailies and journales. He also started giving lectures to many divine organizations and temple gatherings.

To address more people and to help them in remedial Astro Solutions, he wrote a book on "Navagraham and Pariharam (Part-I and Part - II) ". will guide you all to lead a happy and peaceful life.