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Jeeva Samadhi

Astrological implications are guidance to day-to-day life. But salvation or Parikaram protects the people from the problems. Anyhow each and every individual should have the endurance because anecdotes and incidents are not possible to prevent. If we happen to come across such crisis we should be pious.

All planets have their own power and period. Generally people are afraid upon the Saturn planet (Saneeswara). The astrologers say Saturn planet gives knowledge, wisdom through several hurdles. But most of the people are suffering at the time of Aarthastama Sani. (Saturn planet situated in the 8th place from the lagna) and Saturn´s movement through the 12th, 1st and 2nd houses from the position of Chandra in a natives chart is called 71/2 sani period. During this period of time people pray to Lord Saneeswarar by offering a lamp lit with gingely oil and perform archana. But it will not reduce the impact of Saneeswarar´s power.

The state of self-realisation denotes divinity. But siddha yogis understand about themselves and about the universe. Yogis dedicated themselves for the sake of the humanity. After the worldly life yogis laid rest in the Jeeva Samadhi and give blessings to the future generations.

The Siddha Yogis conquered mortal life. On the view of the siddha yogis this universe is not separated from thyself. Their soul is mingled with the cosmic force.

If we worship the siddha yogis sincerely and promptly we will get all the benefits. If we visit the Jeeva Samaddhi periodically and worship with ghee lamp, different types of fruits placed before the Jeeva Samadhi and do meditation intensively; problems faced by us due to Saneeswaras impact will be reduced.

Around 49 Jeeva Samadhis are situated in and around Chennai City. People should find out Jeeva Samadhi for their worship and reduce problem in life.

There is an important Jeeva Samadhi, which is situated at Palani near the women´s college. Sri Eswara Bhakta Jeeva Samadhi is known title of the Jeeva Samadhi. Those who are suffering from loss of business, financial crisis and impact of Sanigiraha, should select the new moon day or full moon day and stay there over night and pray to the sage to over come problems.

List of Jeeva Samdhi´s in Chennai

Name of Mahan

Name of the Temple


Vaayelar naayanar

Kapaleeswarar temple, Mylapore


Muthulinga swami Sirpa swami

Sivan temple, Near P.F. Office Royapettah


Rajbhavan Dharga

Rajbhavan, Guindy Rajbhavan


Koozhipee swamigal

Guindy saibaba temple



Sri Sarkarai Amman Template, Kalasekthra colony, Thiruvanmiyur


Muniappa swamigal

Behind Murudis Coffee house, Guidy


Shri gurulinga swamigal

Kaaraneeswarar, 92/10, kovil street, saidapet


Mount road dharga

Dharga, Opposite to LIC


Mothi baba

Dharga, Egmore


Vibhuthi baba

Saibaba temple, Chrompet


Nithyananda swami

Triplicane, ICE House bus stand

List of Jeeva Samdhi's in Puducherry

View siddhar peedam's in Puduvai.( Available only in Tamil)