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For Marriage obstacles:

Vaaranam Aayiram

Chant this sloga for 48 days and light a ghee lamp in pooja room

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Problems and Remedies

1. How to get the best results from remedial Poojas? What is the appropriate method?

The best result and benefits of performing poojas and prayers can be obtained only if we do it at the right temple, star, thithi and yoga. Performing an archana to godess durga for raghu preethy in a temple which is facing south will give good result. In my research on remedy I found that if the main gopuram i.e the main entrance of the temple faces south it is a temple to perform remedies which will yield good result. The example are thiruchendur temple where the main entrance faces south. Vadapalani temples, velleeswar temple in mylapore, agatheeswarar temple in panchesti near redhills are some of the temples which faces south.


2. Simple methods to overcome Black Magic and Conjuring:


When no positive good result are seen after due prayers some people will have a doubt as to why nothing is working out and if there is any black magic done to them? If once the doubt of black magic being done comes, get six numbers VELERUKU VINAYAGAR and apply sandal power and turmeric on it and keep it in all the rooms and put
“sambirani” after 6pm for 21days.


3. To over come difference of opinios between couples, friends and others?


There must be some secrets, and sins we have committed which one cannot confess to anyone. For this if abishegam and archana are performed to lord vinayaga situated under vanni tree it will give peace of mind. So also the same pooja can be done to get over difference of opinion between couples, friends and in official front and also to leave bad habits like gambling etc.

4. To over come Financial Strain?


For financial improvement perform archana to ENNAIPETRA THAYAR at sree baktha vatchala permual temple in thirunindravoor. Offer rose garland, betel leaves and nuts and a dozen plantain and light a ghee lamp. Do not break coconut

5. Remedy for continuing chronic disease?


If persistant physical ailment is undergone chant karuda gayathiri mantra 21 times a day and offer food and water to poor when  possible.