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One has to use the techniques mentioned in this topic and after experimenting one may also find new version which may be very useful. This is only a little information about Rudhraksham. There are so many secrets lying behind Rudhraksham.There is an ancient book named as 'RUDRAKSHA UPANISHAD' published in SriLanka which says in brief about Rudrahskam.


The origin of Rudraksham is from Nepal. The tears that came out of Lord Shiva's eyes are known as Rudraksha. Rudraksha does not belong to Hindu religion alone. Until Parasuramr's regime Vaishnavits were wearing Rudraksham.Later on to differentiate betweenSaivaits and Vaishnavits in their way of rituals, Tulsi garland was used by Vaishnavits and Rudrakshan garland was used by Saivaits.


In Kerala one can witness in many ancient Vaisnavit Temples statues and sculptures of deities wearingRudrakshagarland.Rudraksha is above cast, creed, and religion. There are one face to thirty two face Rudraksha available.Prohits performing pooja in Temples wear eleven face Rudraksham which is known as "EKADASA RUDRAKSHAM".


Each Rudraksham from one face to thirty two faces is connected to an Angel or Lord. Rudrksham will evade all our dosham. There is nothing beyond Rudraksham in spiritualism. Rudraksham was tied around the neck of a patient whose life was in critical stage according to the Medical Practitioners. But he had a miraculous recovery. Bigger in size, the Rudraksham has more power .


Rishis and saints while practicing pranayamam wore Rudraksham in their neck in the place which is called 'VISUKTHI'. Rudraksham worn at the place 'VISUKTHI' will filter the poison during pranayama breathing techniques since it has the power to remove poison.


In olden days for a new born baby, Rudraksham is rubbed in a stone pouring a teaspoon of milk and made as a medicine and given since it will remove all the poison carried out along by the baby from the mother's womb.


When we wore Rudhraksham in our body the electromagnetic power in Rudharksham increases the electromagnetic power in our body. Of all the plants and trees Rudrahskam tree has more electro magnetic power.


If an original Rudraksham is kept in between two copper coins it will rotate. There are high inter related powers between Rudhraksham and copper. Wearing a Rudraksha garland made in copper chain is more powerful than made of gold or silver. Rudraksha will absorb the mantras we chant. Rudraksham should be kept in Vibudhi (divine ash). The divine vibudhi made out of cow's dung is powerful and the power of Rudraksham when kept in Vibudhi gets enhanced. The divine ash kept with Rudhraksham if given to a patient who has fever with high temperature will recover early. We would have seen some saints and sadhus wearing Rudraksha garland around their head, neck, and wrist for the reason it will transmit the power of all the mantras or gayathri deposited in their body.


If we closely watch the places where accidents occur on highways it can be noticed that the particular zone is an accident prone zone where many accidents would have happened which is due to the souls which wander in that area (the departed souls which died of accidents at that place). By tying Rudhraksham in the bumper of the vehicles accidents can be prevented