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Sri Sakkarai Amman


Sakkarai Amman Temple

Calm and quiet, mild and melodious voice of chanting the glories of Sri Sakkarai Amma and Sri Lalitha Sahasranamam (adoring the Almighty in the manifestation of feminine form depicting cosmic energy) in the air, pleasant aroma from flowering trees and plants all around make the temple of Sri Sakkarai Amma different from other traditional ones. The serene atmosphere ever present in the temple pacifies any troubled or agitated mind engrossed in worries and immediately grants peace of mind that has been hitherto unattainable. With the grace emanating from the sanctum sanctorum of Sri Sakkarai Amma, one could easily feel good, regain self confidence and solace, recharge all energy points in the physical body. Sri Sakkarai Amma is the embodiment of eternal bliss and merciful, compassionate as much as the real mother toward her infants granting whatever they seek and also whatever is good for their well being


For those familiar with Thiruvanmiyur area in Chennai that is Madras, it may not be difficult to locate the temple of Sri Sakkarai Amma. It is situated at the spot where Kalakshetra Road and Kamaraj Road of Lakshmipuram locality more or less meet. The temple has two halls, one for chanting various names of Gods and Goddesses in praise and the other for discourses and concerts of devotional songs.


he salient feature of the temple is the spacious Meditation Hall in the premises. Even mats are provided to those who want to sit there in meditation. The still and aesthetically set atmosphere serves to easily concentrate in the meditation. The true to life idol of smiling Sri Sakkarai Amma’s graceful and benevolent looks help to experience bliss during the meditation.


Full moon and the day of the star Thiruvadirai (Ardhra in Sanskrit) are the special days at Sri Sakkarai Amma temple. Sunday evenings are for special offerings, discourses and devotional songs.


The temple is open from 6 to 10 in the mornings and from 4 to 8 in the evenings. Special offerings are conducted on Sunday evenings and all auspicious days.

Sri Sakkarai Amma Temple

Late Dr. MCN Pvt Religious Trust

# 75 Kalkshetra Road Thiruvanmiyur

Chennai 600 041.