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Chant this sloga for 48 days and light a ghee lamp in pooja room

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Sea Shell

Seashells have great role in a man´s life. Seashells are called as "SANGU" in Tamil. Seashell is an auspicious article. Bad spirits and negative energy will not enter the house if a seashell is kept in living room or in pooja room. In olden days, when scientific medical aids were not available, local Indian medical practioner ladies who had learnt medical practice from their forefathers will attend pregnant ladies, when she gives birth to a child As soon as the child is born the so called lady medical practioner will blow the seashell to inform the people waiting outside the room to note down the time of birth of the child enabling them to Prepare the horoscope of the child. Newborn baby is fed milk in seashell since bad evil spirits will not disturb the child.


In war front, seashell is blown before starting of a war. Muslims blow a seashell called "BAANGU" before their prayer in Mosque. In Hindu Temple, the spiritually purified divine water is given to devotees in seashell.


Vaishnavits wore seashell garland around their neck. Women should wear seashell garland while performing Mahalakshmi pooja, which will be more effective.


Lighting lamp in human skull is used to create evil effects on an individual and this practice is inauspicious, whereas sangu (sea shell) Pooja is auspicious one. Many of us keep sea shell (sangu) in godrej almarah. Sanghu is Venus and godrej almarah is iron (denotes saniswarar). It is not advisable to lock the sea shell (which is very auspicious) in Almarah. By drinking the water kept in Sanghu (sea shell) daily, the negative Vibration in our body will go away and we can overcome obstacles in life.


It is believed that bad spirits will wander in search of a body in which it wants enter and there by fulfill its wishes. Such bad spirits will enter in the body of a person who has calcium deficiency. To avoid this, Sanghu is blown when a child is born and also during Hindus marriage. In war front (in olden days) bad spirits will wander to enter the dead soldiers and to avoid this sanghu in blown, which is called as "VEERA SANGA NATHAM".


North Indians women wear Bangles made of seashells. Seashells play vital role in correcting vaastu defects. Seashells are crushed and made in powder form, which are available in siddha shops. If a pinch of seashell powder mixed with 10 gm of butter and chewed while chanting mahalakshmi slogam or gayathiri the individual will get constant flow of money. Lighting a lamp in seashell, with a mixture of gingelly oil and ghee (ghee to be melted) will evade negative forces inside the house.


Always keep a seashell in a copper bowl of water in pooja room and use the water daily.