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For Marriage obstacles:

Vaaranam Aayiram

Chant this sloga for 48 days and light a ghee lamp in pooja room

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Helpful site.
Posted by:PriyaPosted on:2007-11-28 20:53:18
Your website is very informative. It says that every thiruvadurai you give a special speech on divine remedies at sri sakkarai amman temple. Since many of us are away from chennai we are unable to participate in a divine get together such as this. It would be very useful if you would post the summary of your lecture in your website.
Posted by:Usha SailanathanPosted on:2009-08-17 16:55:06
there r no words to describe for ur work,please carry on,to help people by directing to god
Posted by:anil joshiPosted on:2009-03-31 23:12:51
Respected Ashwath Shanker Ji, Pranaam, I talked with you over phone. you have given Shiva mantra on your website different of other. I think only yourself on this earth this type mantra high-lighted. That means "Ordinary seer,Extraordinary attitude" Kindly arrange send Divine Remedies (English) on my address S.C.Biswal Qr.No: TB-27 At/Po: Nalconagar-759145 Dist:Angul Orissa (India) E-Mail:- With Best Regards S.C.Biswal
Posted by:S.C.BiswalPosted on:2009-06-09 02:24:01
excellent work Shankerji.i wish more and more success in your mission to show remedies to needy persons to overcome their problems in present life.I wish to suggest you can obtain horoscope details so that you can suggest remedies to your followers thru email
Posted by:H.NATARAJANPosted on:2008-06-15 08:22:38
Though this is only a portion of all your research. Wish you all the best to give us more through
Posted by:SathyanarayananPosted on:2008-12-31 17:39:41
very useful.
Posted by:gunasekaranPosted on:2008-12-09 08:50:17
I read your remedies in Excellent. Keep up the good work
Posted by:AbinayaPosted on:2011-02-01 10:09:29
your site is very good. I really congratulate you for the good work you are doing. our prayers and blessings to you.
Posted by:sukumaranPosted on:2011-05-01 04:27:12
Posted by:sastharamPosted on:2012-01-17 14:04:48
the details of the siddhar peetams are very informative. if some more casestudies are included it will be very useful. e.g if the total of sun+moon+93.20 is less than 360 degrees then how to know the yoga nakshathira.
Posted by:kamakshiPosted on:2014-10-24 12:15:59
nice website guruji
Posted by:ezhilnelavanPosted on:2012-02-05 07:43:22
very usefull
Posted by:veerabhadranPosted on:2012-02-16 15:47:38
Posted by:ramanPosted on:2012-05-06 13:33:31
Excellent webisite and very very informative and simple
Posted by:SiverajPosted on:2012-08-22 05:36:31
Posted by:S.C.BiswalPosted on:2012-09-03 21:23:48
Very informative site. Effective and unique remediable measures have been suggested for problems by Guruji. Thanks for providing all the very useful & important information's. The name Nivarthi itself gives positive feeling & vibrations.
Posted by:G.BalagneshPosted on:2013-02-18 22:24:47
Interesting Articles and information on 'problems & Remedies' are very simple and can be performed by all. Have seen Mr. Ashwath Sankar at Sakkarai Amman Koil some time back delivering spiritual speech and if I am blessed will get his eyes again.
Posted by:SambamoorthyPosted on:2013-02-28 04:46:32
Posted by:sivasubramanianPosted on:2013-07-17 13:00:43
Excellent remedies and very useful information.
Posted by:MaheshShankarIyerPosted on:2013-07-25 06:36:22
all instructions are good in the field of problems and remedies
Posted by:savithaPosted on:2013-08-03 10:51:48
Shankar guruji. I am friend of N.A.Muralikrishna from KURNOOL A.P. he tells about yourself and Astrology Services. regularly i am watching Sri SHnakara TV on AIRTEL 688 Your suggestions are very valuable to us.i sincere thanks for extensive practical research in astrology . Sreenivasa Reddy.A Classical Homeopath
Posted by:sreenivasareddyPosted on:2013-08-05 07:09:52
Great and interesting site to get an insight into the correct and traditional methods of pujas. All the best wishes for you to grow!
Posted by:ashaPosted on:2013-09-23 05:58:37
its very useful or us ...and may god bless this service and u... and pls add any tips and slogans also...
Posted by:amridhaPosted on:2013-08-19 11:36:45
Very much useful remedical tips for happy life
Posted by:NARAYANANPosted on:2013-10-06 06:55:12
this website is very useful all peopels all the best
Posted by:gayathriPosted on:2013-10-19 07:25:04
very easy to follow
Posted by:vijeykannan.mPosted on:2013-10-19 07:40:27
very simple and useful msgs. i missed a lot and now i am thankful to have such an informative site for big problems with simple remedies.
Posted by:hariharlakshmiPosted on:2014-10-13 08:12:44
sir In my house we have done 21 days vilakku in erukku elai gingly oil. we have eperienced good results-relative coming home -our humble NAMASKARS
Posted by:subramanianPosted on:2013-10-19 14:21:31
Excellent Information and simple Pariharams. Good. Keep up your good work to humanity.
Posted by:RAMANPosted on:2013-10-21 18:04:25
very very useful
Posted by:veenaPosted on:2013-10-25 07:46:15
its very useful for me
Posted by:mythiliPosted on:2013-10-28 07:20:29
Dear sir, your programme is very good.
Posted by:nanthakumarPosted on:2013-11-09 17:28:38
very useful remedies.Let the almighty bless you always to continue your research.
Posted by:shamiPosted on:2013-11-10 09:58:11
I have seen Shankarji's speech in Sankara TV lastweek. I am trying to use the nivarthi priharam from today . For smooth life using kalkandu and nallanai. Using first day itself the result is feeling better at my home. Today only I have Registered. It will be useful.
Posted by:RAMALAKSHMIPosted on:2013-11-29 12:01:04
its very useful for me vaaranam aayiram slogan thank you
Posted by:saranyaPosted on:2013-11-30 07:44:00
very nice solution and normal remidies for all kind of people can try.
Posted by:s.guruPosted on:2013-11-30 09:10:30
very very useful and the results are amazing
Posted by:shanthiPosted on:2013-12-01 12:33:16
Very useful. And Very simple pariharam. All of them are very easy to do.Thank U Mr.Shankerji.
Posted by:DharshiniPosted on:2013-12-10 08:32:27
I have seen Shankarji's speech in Sankara TV lastweek. I am trying to use the nivarthi priharam from today . For smooth life using kalkandu and nallanai. From this day itself my spouse is coming silent without any tension.
Posted by:umaPosted on:2013-12-18 09:55:30
We can't express in words about solutions given for all human life problems.Thanks
Posted by:ManikandanPosted on:2013-12-25 11:58:12
Today afternoon had my first look of Sri Shankarjs talk on Shankara TV and was very impressed. Visited your website, its wonderful & the detailing is very clear & simple, thanks a lot. ChendilKumar
Posted by:ChendilkumarPosted on:2014-01-04 15:43:14
this site seem to be highly informative
Posted by:gowrishankarPosted on:2014-01-15 14:45:06
Hello ji Your tips is very helpful and useful for us. We want more tips ji in website tv utube. More abt kalkandu deepam and how to light in home. Thank u ji
Posted by:NithyaPosted on:2014-01-30 17:02:51
Very informative.By going through the remedial measures itself, one feels half the battle is won. These steps, if we start practicing ,I am sure we will have peace and happiness. Thanks a lot for the same sir. God bless you.
Posted by:maheshwarisivakumarPosted on:2014-02-05 17:14:02
i & my family following the usefull simple remedies u suggested, awaiting the fruits. really u r a treasuretove sir. pranams to u and to ur gurunathar. your website is a pandoras box with full of present day doubts questions with answers.nice sir keep it up. your service to mankind is noteworthy.
Posted by:kishoreradhakrishnanPosted on:2014-02-10 14:29:53
really wonderful,yeoman service,pariharams r wonderful
Posted by:s.chandramouliPosted on:2014-03-19 12:07:19
Really wonderful divine experiance,carryon and spread the divine work and wonderful guidance
Posted by:s.chandramouliPosted on:2014-03-20 07:33:40
sir, it is wonderful to know the gateway to our problems in practical life.every remedies of yours are working wonderfully in my is true & thank u so much for letting known to public.i'm following your remedies as you said & got result.thank u sir.
Posted by:n.kaladeviPosted on:2014-03-21 16:03:06
THE BEST..... remedy tips page i ever gone through compared to other websites
Posted by:ARUNKUMARPosted on:2014-03-22 07:20:45
Very good & useful remedies sir thank u very much.
Posted by:RajeshwariPosted on:2014-03-22 14:18:35
Guruji ur tips are excellent .I know you r ocean and ur tips are very simple.Please guide us with more tips.thank u ji.
Posted by:mohanaaanandPosted on:2014-04-03 09:20:42
Sir, I got the Pariharam DVD from you y'day and saw the same in the evening. Really ocean of information has been provided, solutions suggested are simple. Sincerely pray that you offer us more and more simple solutions for our problems. Thank you very much for the service provided by you.
Posted by:S.VIJAYALAKSHMIPosted on:2014-04-17 15:19:25
sree gurubyo namaha. nivarthi site is really full of informations that have not been heard so far. the remedies are very useful, simple to follow & regards to asvathji for serving the humanity thereby mitigating their sufferings. long live asvathji.i am looking forward to meet him soon in person.
Posted by:kishorePosted on:2014-05-06 14:21:21
I believe changes in my life after meet sir.......
Posted by:DILLIARASUPosted on:2014-05-12 18:52:46
Dear Sir, Iam Selvi from Coimbatore. Iam watching your programmes in Sankara TV regularly and I have attended your class at Coimbatore. Regarding my husbands health issue as per your advice I had done the following poojas. 1. vanni ilai archana at Vinayagar temple. ( from 22.10.2013 till date0 2. Tiruchendur ( including jeeva Samathi prayer) 3. Samayapuram ( including annadhanam for 54 persons) 4. Rameswaram ( thilahomam) 5. Thirupathi ( mangalyam put in Hundial) 6. Mirthiyanja Homam 7. Annadhanam at kula deivam on Amavasi Now he is completely alright and Iam very happy to share with you. Thank you very much Sir. Regards Selvi Coimbatore.
Posted by:SELVIPosted on:2014-07-03 09:30:43
Dear sir, I used your oil for improving family peace and I am very happy to say that it has been working very well by the third day onwards. May God bless you
Posted by:HemlathaMohanPosted on:2014-07-26 09:56:14
Extremely useful site to know number of basic things. I hope number of new things may be added in the days/weeks/months/years to come. Let your noble service be continued for the sake of benefits of our people.
Posted by:KalpanaganeshPosted on:2014-07-28 07:25:39
you are giving simple remedies which are easily we can follow and get good results .you are also giving some tips which wecan do it at home itself.thank u sir
Posted by:psulochanaPosted on:2014-09-08 09:34:26
Very useful information are provided throughout the topics. If more information are added consistently, we the readers will be benefited. Hope Mr. Aswath Shanker will do in the days to come. Thanks and regards from Kalpana ganesh.
Posted by:KalapanaganeshPosted on:2015-01-08 10:49:07
This site is more innovative, informative and interested one. I request Mr.Shankerj, to give all the thinks and deeds to make this site most updated, that is, upload all his speeches and writings in this site. Thanks a lot.
Posted by:M.THIRUVALLUVANPosted on:2015-01-26 16:23:07
Sir, you have been offering number of remedies while you are in Live TV Programmes. If those remedies are available in this webportal, many will be benefitted by reading this article. Why don't you give some attention in updating this portal! We want to see the updated portal soon. Your Vidhyavani Viboothi is really performing well. We have recommended this to number of our friends and relatives circle. Thanks a lot.
Posted by:KalapanaganeshPosted on:2015-03-21 15:45:15
Your advise to chant mantra OM SIVA SIVA OM is very much useful on all occasions when I found difficult to solve the issue. Thank you very much Sir.
Posted by:ManikandanPosted on:2015-03-30 08:33:56
guruji has given wonderful instant remidies
Posted by:kavithaPosted on:2015-06-10 19:39:58
Remedies suggested in this site is easy and able to implement. Thank you...
Posted by:MuthulakshmiPosted on:2015-06-11 17:35:53
i have belive your Astrology
Posted by:T.V.RenuPosted on:2015-06-27 06:09:11
sir ... no words ... great ...
Posted by:m.navaneethakrishnanPosted on:2015-09-11 06:08:59
This site is very useful ; very simple so lutions.
Posted by:KrishnamoorthytvPosted on:2015-09-21 05:20:28
Very Good Site Shanker Sir. The Siva Chant mantra is really very powerful.
Posted by:AnandPosted on:2015-10-03 15:29:11
Shankerji: already given feedback in earlier login. Seeing you in Shankara TV going through your website as you have instructured.
Posted by:AnandPosted on:2015-10-03 16:03:04
Posted by:seetaPosted on:2015-10-03 16:45:50
Sir I want more about Ashwath Deepa Oil. Where I can get it. Please give the address.
Posted by:sunilshivanagiPosted on:2015-10-04 09:05:23
Dear sir...your astorological views r very good different from others I like the way u see a horoscope and giving simply solutions and people getting relived from problems...what u found out like pithru shanties and u discovered the viyadipadam r very useful to all..and I personally benefited by doing all...I wish all people should know abt you and your astrological remedies and live happily..
Posted by:subhashiniPosted on:2015-10-05 09:01:30
hi Sir, your remedies have been very beneficial to us, we can feel the positive effects of aadi erudi poojai. we light all the deepam oil lamps every day. can we ask you 2 questions: can u repeat the methodology of lighting the kuladeivam vizhakku this saturday again, because there were relay issues in sankara channel last week 2. as earthen lamps yield to lot of leakage in oils, can we light the silver lamps with the 4 different oils thankyou for your guidance, Theivanai
Posted by:theivanaiPosted on:2015-11-04 15:57:37
Sir, excellent remedies of different oil lamps,I personally done those kalkandu, sattru samharam & Lakshmi deepam.I can feel the difference in life. According to your advice I keep follow the essential vazhipadu. I have to say THANK YOU SO MUCH ASAAN (ஆசான்) and bless me.
Posted by:ManikandanPosted on:2015-12-19 06:42:17
Posted by:rupadeviPosted on:2015-12-27 13:26:51
i like this
Posted by:suganthiPosted on:2016-01-02 17:02:34
This website is very much useful. I got many simple tips for many of my problems. Also i had downloaded the Vaarahi malai and vaaranam Aayiram songs for my mother to study it. Thank you so much sir, this will help in shaping my future perfectly
Posted by:R.ThangasankaranPosted on:2016-01-10 12:04:03
Sir, I am place @Mumbai. Here, Can we have your consultation in person . Can I look upon for that !? Further, any arrangements can be made for deepa oils over here.
Posted by:MahalingamPosted on:2016-02-10 05:19:38
Namaskaram your programme is very useful to our family. After using your oil my son got a good job. Today programming you tell kalabairawar wear seva arali but I missed to hear which day please I request you to tell me
Posted by:KamakshiPosted on:2016-02-20 06:18:55
I am very much impressed by the simple remedies of Shankerji. He should live a long life to give guidance to people like me. May God bless him
Posted by:JanakiPosted on:2016-02-21 10:12:00
sir today only i watched ur programme u were telling 0f varahi ashada navarthi which i was not aware till now.i am very eager to do this pooja in my home i would be very greatful to u if i get details of pooja which is have miseed in tv programme.though i am doing varahalakshi pooja,it ends on 12th . my question is can i start varahi pooja also pls give me procedure of the pooja.
Posted by:vijisriragghavanPosted on:2016-07-30 20:30:13
Sir Vanakam, Your program is so helpful. Mainly the pariharam which you give are very effective and more than anything cost effective. I have just Started seeing your program and started following you sir. Importantly speaking you have a very different stream of looking in problems and giving solution and also a stream in looking into an Horoscope. Feeling very lucky to hear you and see your program. Already feeling gifted to find a Guru to guide us. Thank you Sir. Trying to meet you soon in person. Regards, Deepa.
Posted by:DeepalakshmiPosted on:2016-07-31 17:41:02
Very informative,very useful especially for this generation
Posted by:GayathriPosted on:2016-08-27 17:06:58
pranams son is hyper activity child. For this u have listed many remedies. For my situation i cant do those easy remedies itself. Recently i watched ur prog. In that black urid dhal remedy i came to know and following. To maximum exent im seeing changes in him.i suffered a lot with my son.thnks a lot.i wont miss ur prog.may god shower all his blessings on u.
Posted by:k.padminiPosted on:2016-09-09 12:12:23
Sir I watch ur prg regularly. I follow ur tips sir.. very useful and very effective.. we went to cheranmadevi temple Sir..
Posted by:PriyaPosted on:2017-01-21 06:07:41
Very useful and unique site
Posted by:ManikandanPosted on:2017-02-01 15:17:56
Very simple and powerful remedies..thank you sir
Posted by:AlagumuthukumarPosted on:2017-02-28 06:50:45
Good site with lots of good suggestions and remedies.
Posted by:SachidanandamPosted on:2017-08-09 12:56:46
Sir Very useful remedies given by you for thithi soonyam we want some pariharam please mentio it
Posted by:IndrakrishnanPosted on:2017-10-28 06:07:33
Nice site and good remedy
Posted by:GeethabaskarPosted on:2017-11-04 14:24:49
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