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Pithru Pooja

To get 100% results from the parihara pooja, it is essential to get the complete blessings of our ancestors. How do we get such blessings from our ancestors? The answer lies in pacifying the souls of our ancestors by performing a special pooja called Pithurdosha nivarthi pooja or otherwise called as ´THILAHOMAM´ or Athmashanthi pooja. This type of pooja is usually performed at Rameswaram, Kasi or at Papanasam in Tirunelveli district. This pooja once performed will please the ancestors´ soul of the individual who do this pooja and after this if the parihara pooja is done he/she will get effective results. This pooja is a must, especially for a family in which someone had an unnatural death.


For those who cannot afford to travel and spend money for the "THILAHOMAM" can do a small remedy as give below. New moon day is an auspicious day for ancestral worship. By the offerings and rituals conducted on New moon day, we can appease our ancestral manes. We should prepare a ball of cooked rice with gingely and offer to the manes. According to Mystic Selvam, a famous research analyst, in Hindu Vedhandha on New Moon day instead of THILAHOMAM rice cakes (Idly), with side dish as gingely and chili powder mixed in gingely oil and a few cup of water should be distributed to five penny less persons. This practice should continue for 12 New moon days. Then we will get the blessings from our ancestral manes.


After performing Thilahomam lunch should be offered to the needy and starved. Further special Yagna or Homam of particular reference to the god Sri Ganapathi and Navagrahas has to be conducted; free lunch should be offered to the poor and the downtrodden people.

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