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For Marriage obstacles:

Vaaranam Aayiram

Chant this sloga for 48 days and light a ghee lamp in pooja room

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Shri Annai Varahi


Sakthi has many Avatars. One among her avatars is VARAHI. This goddess is one among the sapthakannikas. Goddess Varahi is motherhood in nature and embodiment of patience. Her other name is "Dhandhini". Panchami thithi is the apt day for worshipping her (5th day from full moon day and new moon day). She is also the commander in chief of cavalry force of Goddess Sri Rajarajeswari. In this avatar her appearance is that of pig head with human physique. Lion, Tiger, Buffalo and running white horse are the vahanas of Varahi. If people chant the name Varahi any fear from their mind will disappear.


Sri Varahi on a white horse, sis called as ASHVARUDA VARAHI and when she rides on a buffalo vahana, she is known as MAHISHARUDAR. Actually there is no temple for this goddess, but this goddess occupies only a small corner of the temple. But few hundred years ago a separate temple was constructed for Varahi at Pallur. Pallur is situated on the highway between kanchipuram and Arakonam of Tamil Nadu. This Pallur is 2km away from Thirumalgate railway station.


An important anecdote about this place is about Parasurama. Parasurama conducted a special Pooja to Lord Shiva on the banks of Virathasira River. After this Pooja Parasurama received the powerful "Parasayudham" a special type of weapon from Lord Shiva. Avvaiyar, the great Tamil poetess about this holy place, composed several songs


The Varahi temple is situated at the centre of the Pallur village. The main entrance of the temple (RajaGopuram) faces south. The deity is also facing the South. Varahi is the main deity of this temple. At Pallur, Varahi is named as Sri Arasalai Amman. The special feature of the temple is that, the main in entrance of the temple is facing south. In my 22 years of research I have found that a temple facing towards South is a place for salvation (Parikarasthalam).


In this juncture I would like to tell you about a true story, it is about 2 year´s old baby who fell in the pond. The child was unable to breathe. As there was no proper health center and medical practitioner in Pallur Village it was very difficult to save the life of the child. In such a critical situation the child was placed before goddess Varahi. The parents wept and pleaded to goddess to save their child. At once a white pig entered the temple and smelled the child and went off. A few minutes later the child opened its eyes and began to see around the place. The child is still alive and can be seen in the village.


Tuesday is the suitable day for worshipping Varahi with pomegranate fruit and red oleander flowers. If we offer this Pooja to goddess Varahi obstacles in marriage will be removed.


People in Pallur village, with the help of Vaarahi religious Association provide special poojas to Varahi on Panchamithithi, Ashtamithithi and on full moon day

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