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For Marriage obstacles:

Vaaranam Aayiram

Chant this sloga for 48 days and light a ghee lamp in pooja room

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We are all only aware of yoga´s called AmirthaYoga, Sidhayoga, and Marana Yoga. Every panchangam ( ) contains a separate column for "yoga" of the day. There are 27 Yogas, out of which "Vyadipada Yoga" is one of the most important Yoga. It a male child born in this Yoga the family will experience utter poverty and if a female child is born ,along with poverty the family will experience lot of myseries.Thes aspect is clearly stated in the ancient books named as "Suriya Siddhandam ","Sidantha sironmani" and "Karma Kuthilam".


Rituals like athmashanthi prayers to forefathers, Meditation, Jebahomas will yield good effective results. Feeding the poor on this Vyadhipada day will fetch wealth and happiness in the family. Having bath in sacred river and performing pooja and abishegam to deities will bring prosperity.


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The Vyadipadaday that comes during winter season December is called "Maha Vyadipadam" Taking bath in sacred river and performing Thilahomam (athma shanthi prayer) on these days one can erase all his sin and overcome obstacles in life. Athma shanthi prayer will give relief to the soul of our forefather and get their blessings.Readers are requested not to do any auspicious ceremonies on this vyadipada day and also to refrain from hair cutting, shaving, taking non - vegetarian food and also having sexual relations ship.


If a child is born in "yadipada Yoga", however rich the family may be with all Raja Yogas in their horoscopes, the family will have sudden fall in their financial stability and all their Prayers and homam will not support them. This Vyadipada Yoga purely relates to appeasing the fore father soul. The best remedy to overcome the Vyadipada Yoga is as follows as described in the ancient book named Tamirabaranimahatmiyam". The river Thamirabarani passes through a village called SERANMAHADEVI 20km away from Tirunelveli town in South India. On the bank of the river at this village Lord Perumal, Temple, Shiva, and Krishnan Temples are situated. The native performing rituals on the Vyadipathaday should refrain from hair cutting, shaving their beard, eating non-vegetarian food and having sexual intimacy from the previous day and be on fasting.


On the Vyadipatha day the native has to dip nine times in the river and have bath and perform Tharpana Pooja (i.e. Pooja offered to forefathers) standing in the river and again dip in the river for 21 times and give appropriate dakshana (fees/payment) to the prohit and leave the wet cloth which he was wearing at the bank of the river. After this Saivaits should perform abishegam to Lord Shiva and Vaishnavits to Lord Perumal. And offer food to the needy at this place. After performing this pooja, on returning back home they should perform Ganapathy Homam and Miruthanja Homam..


If the above said remedy is done correctly one will come out of the bad effect of VYADIPADA YOGA and lead a good peaceful life. The same effect as for Vyadipada yoga is for a child born in VYDIRUDHI YOGA ALSO. During my research I have come across many families (even after performing many homams and archana and abishegam and other rituals to God and Goddess were suffering for several years and some of them though they have huge property could not enjoy it and were in poverty. This made me to analyze their horoscope and finally I succeeded and found that the child born in their family had vyadipada yogam. The horoscope has to be scrutinized carefully in all angles. I f one performs the rituals on vyadipada day at river Tamirabarani and offer Tharpanam and poor feeding he will get the blessings of the forefathers and lead a peaceful life and enjoy the good and the entitled benefits as per his horoscope.


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